How we helped Vimazi blaze a trail in the running world

The Challenge


A marathon to break in

So, Vimazi's out here, trying to shake up the whole running scene, right? They're all about pushing the boundaries of running tech with shoes that match your every stride. But breaking into the running shoe game? Tough crowd. They needed a brand that didn't just talk the talk but ran the run, specifically tailored to their tribe: the running community.

Their first website? Not exactly setting hearts racing. It had the basics down but was missing that spark, the science behind their kicks, and hey, where's the option to actually buy the shoes?

That's when Vimazi gave Bonsai a ring. And we were ready to get running.


Our Approach


Designing for the win

We knew Vimazi's shoes were like bursts of color on the track, so our design squad went to work. We crafted a website that didn't just look good but felt like a runner's dream. Think sleek design, smooth user experience – the whole nine yards.

Using data from our research (yep, we dug deep into those running shoe secrets), we mapped out user journeys and site layouts that spoke directly to Vimazi's peeps. It wasn't just about slapping on some flashy graphics; we wanted every click to feel like a stride closer to the finish line.

Vimazi Phone
Our Solution


Sprinting to success

And boom, we crossed that digital finish line with flying colors! Vimazi got themselves a website that didn't just keep up with the pack but led the way. It was all geared up to kick off those shoe sales and make some serious noise in the running world.

But we didn't stop there. Oh no, we set Vimazi up for the long run. Our strategy? Get them ready to conquer the online world, from digital marketing tactics to getting them primed for whatever the Metaverse throws their way.

Because when Bonsai gets running, there's no stopping us – or our clients.


The numbers speak
for themselves.

Vimazi's results 1 month after website launch.

  • +0%

  • +0%

  • -o%


Bonsai took our brand from struggling to stride with their expert guidance. They didn't just design a website; they crafted an experience that resonated with our running community.


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