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How we drove explosive sales with UG content

The Challenge


The big 5-0

Taco Time Northwest’s 50th anniversary was rapidly approaching. They asked Bonsai to come up with a special way to celebrate.

We said: “Crispy chicken tacos!” They said: “How about a noticeable lift in traffic and sales across our 70 restaurants in Washington?”

We said: “No problemo!”


Our Approach


The ultimate fan challenge

It was a familiar story. Taco Time was frustrated with lackluster reporting and unclear results coming from traditional television advertising. They wanted to move their brand deeper into social media. Rapidly becoming the dominant channel for restaurant brands. So Bonsai created the Ultimate Fan Challenge!

People competed for epic prizes (including a $10k cash prize to the “Ultimate Fan”) by accumulating points. Specifically, users got points for doing things like becoming a Facebook Fan or following the company on Twitter -- but that was just the beginning. As people advanced through challenges, they took on higher level activities. Like posting their favorite custom Taco orders or sharing the contest with their friends.

But that was nothing compared to what the ultimate fan did.

Bonsai Tacotime Phone
Our Solution


Customer engagement really works

What did Dan Podhola do?

  • Along with a lot of other great fans of Taco Time, Dan created rap videos featuring stop-motion animation using Mexifries!
  • Dan visited over 25 locations in Washington.
  • Dan visited Carpinito Brothers Farms where Taco Time Northwest sources it’s lettuce.  
  • Dan even shot a full-blown commercial for Taco Time.

Simply put, Dan was the man! And the man who won $10,000 for being our Ultimate Taco Time Fan. But what did all this rapping and Mexi-fry stop-motion animating do for Taco Time?

In just five weeks, the Ultimate Fan Challenge exploded. Resulting in over 7 million impressions from over 3 million people. Not to mention an 8 percent increase in total site traffic. And… wait for it… a noticeable lift in sales across the state. Not to mention dramatically increasing our client’s social footprint. And introducing thousands of new people to the brand simultaneously.

Like we said: “No problemo.”


The numbers speak
for themselves.

Taco Time's results within the campaign's first 5 weeks.

  • 3.1M

    total reach
  • 7.2M

    TOTAL impression
  • +12%


I'd recommend this campaign type to any company that wants to create excitement - and new customers - in the online space.


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