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How we drive engagement and convert more leads with 3D/AR

The Challenge


Bring product features to life in a way that excites customers

How do you showcase and sell your product’s features and benefits in a way that resonates? How do you allow customers to customize your products in an immersive and engaging way that makes your product look amazing and excites the customer?

Pandemic and supply chain issues aside, consumers are making large purchasing decisions online more than ever. Supra Boats needed a way to bring the boat features they have artfully engineered to life so that their customers understand the value without needing to be a sea captain.


Our Approach


Interactive, immersive, and educational 3D/AR

When websites and digital channels are a primary purchase location, customers want the ability to explore every aspect of their prospective item. And with big ticket items, 2D just doesn’t cut it. 

The boating industry as a whole has used 2D product web configurators for the past decade. Times are changing and 2D is old school. Bonsai set out to find a better way; one that differentiated Supra from its competitors. 

With a forward thinking mindset and deep roots in 3D & AR technology, we had an idea up our sleeve. Our goal was to give Supra’s customers a realistic view of Supra's product (wake surf boats) - one they could interact with and explore its features & benefits in 3D/AR - all from the comfort of their home, or any location in the world.


Supra Product Tour.1


Tour it. Build it. Buy it.

We created two solutions for showcasing Supra Boat's products: 3D Product Web Configurator and Augmented Reality (AR) Product Tour App. 

3D Product Web Configurator

Basic 2D product web configurators are just that… basic. They don’t make your product stand out online and they don’t meet the current needs of your customers. Customers want to move it, turn it, and really inspect and explore a product before visiting a retailer or purchasing themselves. 

Bonsai developed a 3D product configurator that allows Supra's customers to do just that. They can see the boat from any angle, zoom into specific features, watch educational videos, customize boat colors, options, and upgrades. We’re talking complete product exploration and education in a no pressure environment - making the boat buying process more fun and less intimidating. 

To top that, the 3D product web configurator is fully integrated with Supra's internal systems (ERP, CRM). Meaning the custom builds generated online are sent directly into Supra’s sales and manufacturing systems with no content entry required, thus reducing errors and increasing efficiency. Boom, baby.

Augmented Reality (AR) Product Tour

Imagine displaying your products in 3D and giving customers a step-by-step tour of all its carefully crafted features. Now imagine customers being able to configure a boat virtually, and see that custom boat appear on their dock or in their driveway immediately. Imagine they next walk through the boat, tour its features, and make changes in real time.

Now, stop imagining. That’s exactly what we did with Supra’s iOS app. Customers can tour any Supra boat, customize it to their exact needs, and purchase it - all without having a physical boat present... pretty wild! Download Supra's app and check it out for yourself. 

The Supra iOS app is a powerful sales tool that empowers the Supra sales team, boat dealers, trade show staff, and customers to showcase and tour boats anytime, anywhere. This is instrumental in helping customers buy boats unseen with confidence (i.e. custom build, next year’s model, boat not on sale lot).

Launching Supra's 3D Product Web Configurator and AR Product Tour App resulted in a 109% increase in leads and a 40% increase in average order size. Yep, we're ready for boating weather.

The numbers speak
for themselves.

Results after launching Supra's 3D Product Configurator (vs 2D used previously). 

  • +109%

    Increase in leads
  • +215%
    Time on site
  • +40%


By making the product and its features more real, more accessible, and presented in a self-paced no sales pressure environment, our customers are connecting with our brand and the quality of our product like never before.


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