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How we drive business with creative solutions

The Challenge


Drive leads without using traditional digital advertising

Samsung had a new line of televisions and a big ask for Bonsai. Figure out a way to send more traffic to their product display pages (PDP) on Amazon and Costco. And, of course, they wanted to see the sales numbers bump up. So not just leads. Good leads. Leads that convert into sales.  

Digital advertising? Driving sales? Just a typical day at the office for us. Except Amazon and Costco have some pretty limiting product advertising restrictions. That’s why Samsung tapped Bonsai for the assignment.


Our Approach


Finding solutions outside of the box

Off the shelf wasn’t gonna cut it. We had to start working way outside the box. And, like we do, came up with a very creative solution.

We built a third-party website called For all intents and purposes, it emulated a television review site. Next, our plan called for us to drive a highly targeted audience to the website through traditional digital advertising like Google Ads. Finally, we linked content about Samsung televisions on Smart TV Deals to the appropriate product display pages on Amazon and Costco. It sounded like a good idea. But would it work?

Bonsai Samsung Phone
Our Solution


The virtuous circle of success

It worked like gangbusters!

Searching for the exact television they wanted to investigate, visitors to Smart TV Deals sorted by specific features. Those searches gave us keyword data to buy smarter on Google Ads. Resulting in a lower cost-per-click and yielding better results. Through smart ad buying and a well-designed website, traffic flocked to the Samsung pages.

The increase in traffic and sales influenced Amazon search rankings for the product pages. And the Smart TV Deals website acted as a strong referral link. Also improving the search rankings. It became a virtuous circle of everyone getting what they wanted. Happy television owners. Happy Samsung. Happy Bonsai.

The numbers speak
for themselves.

  • +2.56%

  • +2.93M

    ESTIMATED Revenue
  • +81x


Bonsai is simply an extension of your marketing team - a partner that drives your agenda and creatively accelerates your programs.


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