How we helped tell the story of those who help others

The Challenge


Understanding Roanoke's story

Roanoke Park Counseling is one of the more well-established providers of long-term adult therapy. With licensed therapists specializing in childhood trama stemming from sexual abuse. Not a light subject. So when Roanoke approached us about a new website, we understood there were some special needs we would have to address. But there were other challenges…

1.) They just went through a brand refresh with another team. And 2.) Roanoke has several different groups of people visiting the website. So multiple personas needed to be developed. All with different calls to action.



Our Approach


Decide what is important to the story

Our first goal was to understand why the brand refresh took place. What motivated the change? What was the backstory? The answers informed our ideas for the new website.

Next, we took a critical look at the old Roanoke website. It had become a depository of new and old information. Without being organized in any logical structure. So after auditing the site, we created a hierarchy of valuable content.

And then, we developed two main personas. The first being survivors seeking help. This included those seeking help for loved ones. And the other persona being people and organizations wanting to contribute to Roanoke’s mission. Either through donations or community involvement.

Bonsai Roanoke Phone
Our Solution


Make the story easy to understand

We wanted the new website to be a warm and welcoming experience. Most visitors come to Roanoke to feel safe, protected and understood. They’re seeking peace. The last thing we wanted was for the website to be confusing to navigate or find things. You know, frustrating.

So we focused on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). These made the navigation and user flow clearly defined for each persona. Streamlining the experience on the website for visitors. So they could find things fast. And get all the information they wanted and needed.

And finally, we controlled the website tone through photos, illustrations and the color palette. In the end, it created a peaceful user experience. For those seeking therapy. And for those who wanted to join Roanoke through community engagement and donations.

The numbers speak
for themselves.

UMG’s results within 1 year after our website redesign.

  • +118%

    Donations Increased
  • +45%

    Average donation amount
  • +215%


Bonsai really got our brand. The effort and  thoughtfulness put into each design decision was appreciated.


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