Real Estate

How we simplified home buying for everyone

The Challenge


Simplify home transactions for all

RealtySimple approached Bonsai with a bold vision: to transform the home buying and selling process for buyers, sellers, and the agents who assist them. They asked if we could join forces to turn their vision into reality - creating an all-encompassing digital solution, from the website and web app to building their brand from scratch.

Our response? A resounding "heck yes."


Our Approach


Website, web app, and branding

We kicked things off by developing a website and web app that empowered buyers to easily submit offers. Once a connection formed between a buyer, agent, or seller, our dashboard system took over, guiding all parties through the process. In an industry notorious for its complexity, our goal was crystal clear: provide tools and information to make the process as simple as possible.

Now, let's talk branding. Our mission was to create a brand and logo that mirrored RealtySimple's purpose: making the real estate process simple and hassle-free. We aimed for a brand that set RealtySimple apart by exuding simplicity, warmth, and engagement. The deliberate period at the end of the logo symbolizes unwavering confidence in the statement, "Realty can be this simple."

Realty Simple Phone
Our Solution


Reshaping real estate via digital innovation

Our all-in-one platform made buying and selling homes a breeze for everyone involved. From effortlessly sliding in offers to cruising through the process with slick dashboards, we transformed the real estate game. But it's not just about convenience; it's about changing the whole vibe of typical transactions. No more endless paperwork or back-and-forth emails. With everything in one place, transactions move faster, smoother, and with way less stress. It's like turning a clunky old sedan into a sleek, turbo-charged sports car—yeah, we're talking that level of upgrade! 



The numbers speak
for themselves.

Reality Simple results 1 month after website launch.

  • +32%

  • 1st page

  • -77%


Partnering with Bonsai made our vision of an easy, efficient real estate experience a reality."


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