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How we changed the perception of Oakpointe Communities

The Challenge


Local opposition to new developments

Oakpointe Communities was unhappy with its website. And its public perception.

Two birds. One stone. Call Bonsai.

Oakpointe focuses on both residential and commercial properties. Great at creating first class developments. Not as great at keeping their website up to date. They asked Bonsai for a refresh. But they also had a couple other challenges they hoped the website could address.

You see, Oakpointe is made up of multiple communities with different brands. So making them all feel cohesive on the new website... yep. And the other challenge was that Oakpointe was perceived by the public as a corporate giant. Dropping into their community for nothing but financial gains.   

They wanted to know if Bonsai could tell Oakpointe’s story in a clear and meaningful way. And demonstrate how deeply Oakpointe cares about their communities.

We said, “Hold our beer.”


Our Approach


Matching core values to become a community partner

The website redesign was pretty straightforward.

But what we really needed was a deeper dive into the many Oakpointe brands. Our mission was to find a way to make them coexist as unified brand across the site. That took a bit of clever design and heavy lifting.

Then we took a deeper dive into the company’s core values. And that’s when we solved the perception problem. We decided to use Oakpointe’s own words, their own core values as a way to demonstrate their commitment to the community.

Bonsai Oakpointe Phone
Our Solution


Polishing their brand perception

All the Oakpointe logos needed something to tie them together in a cohesive design. We opted to use an extended color palette and typography. It allowed all of the individual communities to have their own branding while still being recognizable as an Oakpointe project.

And we moved public perception about Oakpointe by focusing on the positive impact the development will have on the community. We emphasized the company’s core values on the website. And placed messages from the CEO throughout the site. Driving home the company’s mission and CEO’s vision for the community.

The numbers speak
for themselves.

Oakpointe's results within 3 months after website launch.

  • +79.86%

  • +15.51%


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