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How we fostered genuine mentor-MBA applicant connection

The Challenge


Enhance brand appeal with the target market

MBA Exchange, the experts in one-on-one application consulting and mentorship services, were in need of a fresh website. The old one just wasn't cutting it – it failed to attract the right crowd and lacked intuitive navigation.

The mission was clear: boost their brand's appeal to their target audience (grad school applicants). MBA Exchange aimed to revamp their online presence for better visibility and user-friendliness. They wanted to create smooth pathways for potential clients to easily discover their services, engage with their brand, and schedule that all-important first consultation. 


Our Approach


A message-driven approach

So, we kicked things off by delving deep into MBA Exchange's clients' world. We wanted to know their goals, what's keeping them up at night, and everything in between. Then, we took a trip down memory lane to see why MBA Exchange has been a grad school legend for almost 30 years, creating success stories left and right.

After this heart-to-heart, we played matchmaker. We brought together what makes MBA Exchange stand out with what their clients care about most. The result? Unique selling propositions (USPs) – basically, the messages we wanted to shout out loud on their website. Think decades of experience, a massive network of Ivy league alumni, a killer process/roadmap, and top-notch referrals.

Next up, we put on our strategic hats and built a website that's not just pretty but packs a punch. Our mission? Highlight those USPs and guide potential clients down the marketing funnel at warp speed. We revamped the site navigation for a smoother ride, added pages that speak directly to future clients, answered all their burning questions, and basically made them feel like MVPs for choosing MBA Exchange.


Mba Exchange Phone
Our Solution


A match made in digital heaven

Thanks to our smart design and strategic approach, MBA Exchange witnessed a surge in consultation requests, longer site engagement, and a substantial boost in overall web traffic (we're talking a whopping 3104%). 

Today, MBA Exchange is seamlessly linking an increasing number of grad school hopefuls and their champion mentor, turning MBA dreams into reality.


The numbers speak
for themselves.

MBA Exchange results 1 month after website launch.

  • +3104%

  • +578%

  • +37%

    Organic sessions (YOY)

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