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How we shared the Lamborghini of holsters with the world

The Challenge


Bringing niche to a larger audience

Kramer Leather specializes in producing handmade, top quality horsehide gun holsters. Has for over 30 years. Very high quality products. Quality that’s caught the eye of savvy pistoleers, law enforcement and military agencies in over 150 countries. But that’s still a fairly niche market.  

Kramer approached Bonsai with one goal: Expand our online business by reaching new customers.

Challenge accepted.


Our Approach


A custom-fit eCommerce experience

Okay, so we needed to arm Kramer’s team with a modern eCommerce platform. One that’s built for growth. One that brings the Kramer Leather story alive on every page. And then expand their marketing. Easier said than done.

Of course, we were going to build it on Shopify, a very user-friendly eCommerce platform. Making it easy for Kramer’s staff to manage product inventory, sales inquiries and more. And then one of the first things we did was simplify product searches on the website so visitors could find exactly what they were looking for... fast. No one likes to wait.

Then, working closely with the Kramer team, we identified customer needs. That unlocks everything. Armed with that information, we laid out ways to build trust with the customer by addressing their needs. We chose to showcase the craftsmanship of their products in photographs and bring that craftsmanship to life in copy. And finally, provide a clear pathway to purchase.

Bonsai Kramer Phone
Our Solution


Targeting the perfect solution

After designing the perfect user experience on their website, we needed to draw some attention.  

So we engineered a targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to engage potential customers and drive them to Kramer’s website. One thing we learned about people searching for gun holsters: They know exactly what they were looking for. Our PPC campaign identified different keywords and phrases related to gun holster type, make and model. Including very specific detail. And all pointed to a relevant and conversion-ready page on the Kramer Leather website.

With a polished website and solid PPC strategy, Kramer Leather now stands out as an industry leader. Offering a premium eCommerce experience to smart shoppers across the globe.

The numbers speak
for themselves.

Kramer's results within 6 months after website and PPC launch.

  • +210%

  • +187%

  • +80%


Bonsai has opened our eyes to new ways of doing business, especially with regard to digital marketing.


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