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How we brought a mission back to life

The Challenge


Doubling down on past success

JobInfoNetwork made waves in Washington a decade ago, helping folks find dream jobs and boosting businesses. Now, they’re back for more. With big plans to reinvest in their mission and to expand their user base.

After two years of development struggles, they turned to us at Bonsai. Their goal? To build a high-performing website that delivers an exceptional user experience. And to implement SEO best practices to increase online awareness and pave the way for future digital marketing initiatives.

Right up our alley.


Our Approach


Discover, design, and deliver

As usual, we kicked off the project by teaming up with the JobInfoNetwork crew for our discovery process. Together, we hashed out their processes, identified key personas, tackled industry nuances, brainstormed SEO strategies, and laid down the goals for their upcoming website.

With a clear roadmap in hand, Bonsai's design wizards took the stage. Their mission? To craft an experience that packs a punch and an interface that not only engages but also educates.

And when it came to the tech side of things, our development squad swooped in. We deployed the latest web wizardry – think React/Next.js headless CMS with Umbraco Heartcore – to build a lightning-fast, fully integrated web application that's ready to rock.


Job Info Network Phone
Our Solution


Custom web application

We didn't just build a website; we created a custom web app that delivers. JobInfoNetwork's new site meets user needs with must-have features like a single-page application, membership with authentication, user dashboards, workflow automations, and notifications. Plus, it performs like a champ, loading in just 272ms with a compact 5.3MB size. Thanks to integrated SEO, JobInfoNetwork welcomed a 300% increase in new users.

The numbers speak
for themselves.

Job Info Network website performance results.

  • 272MC

  • 5.3MB


  • +300%


Bonsai was creative and solved really hard problems."

PAUL JARVIS, Founder, Job Info Network

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