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How we disrupted the bike industry

The Challenge


Who buys a premium bike online?

Tube socks? Sure.

Kiddy toys? You bet.

But who buys a high-quality bicycle online?

Premium bikes come with a premium price tag. Not the first thing you think about buying online. But that’s exactly what the startup, Dragon Bicycles asked Bonsai to do. Well, three things, actually. Come up with a direct-to-consumer model to sell their bikes. Launch their brand. And then market the heck out of ‘em through digital advertising.

They had us at “disrupt the market.”



Our Approach


A frictionless purchase experience

Our biggest challenge was overcoming barriers to purchase. Fortunately, price wasn’t one of them. Dragon works directly with many of the same suppliers as the big brands. So they are incredibly affordable for a high-end two-wheeler.

Obviously, we peppered landing pages with photos, videos and detailed descriptions of the bikes. To help visitors picture themselves “riding a Dragon.” But many riders are reluctant to buy a bike online, because they wanna know it’s the right fit. Both in terms of size and “how it felt to ride.”

So we engineered a simple “Dragon Easy-Fit Tool.” Hooking up riders with the best fit for their needs. Combined with a “30-day test ride / 6-year guarantee” riders felt confidence purchasing a Dragon bike.

Bonsai Dragon Phone
Our Solution


Attracting the right customers with digital marketing

Since the eCommerce platform was Dragon’s only sales channel, it was incredibly important to get the website right. But just as important was getting the marketing right.

As a new brand, Dragon didn’t have much of an audience. So we ran a 90-day pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to test what we thought would be our best performing personas, keywords, and conversion flows. Time and money well spent.

After we had a better understanding of the ideal audience and their triggers, Bonsai launched an opening salvo of targeted PPC and SMM (social media marketing) campaigns. Later, we search engine optimized (SEO) the website. To keep those leads pouring in for years to come.

The numbers speak
for themselves.

  • +15,000

    Landing Pageviews via FB ads
  • $0.21

    Cost peR Landing Pageview via FB Ads
  • +1,500

    video views

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