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How we made a global IT solutions company stand out in a crowded market

The Challenge


Navigating a global brand shift

CTG, in the throes of a brand identity overhaul, tapped into Bonsai's prowess to craft a global, multi-lingual website that could seamlessly blend the brand story with region-specific content. Facing the challenge of an evolving brand, CTG sought a flexible CRM solution to adapt swiftly to changing brand elements.


Our Approach


A digital tango

Website: Unveiling Global Stories

Bonsai engineered a site that showcased individual brand ambassadors globally, harmonizing region-specific content with the overarching company brand. The challenge? Speed—across multiple countries. Our solution was a quick, load-efficient site that not only spoke tech but also resonated with the company's cultural ethos. It was designed to engage clients, attract future talent, and reflect the brand's essence.

SEO: Elevating Digital Visibility

Recognizing the inseparable duo of design and SEO, we revamped the site with a user-centric strategy. Redesigning for an enhanced User Experience (UX), we focused on intuitive categorization for seamless navigation. But a great site is only half the battle; we complemented it with a robust SEO strategy. The aim? Boost CTG's online visibility, leading to a surge in organic traffic.

Ctg Phone
Our Solution


A digital symphony

The resulting CTG website was a multifaceted marvel—multi-lingual, multi-region, and equipped with a multi-tenant CMS, all while adhering to accessibility standards and GDPR compliance. Beyond the visible features, the integrated CRM and Marketing Automation, coupled with a meticulously designed SEO strategy, set the stage for digital success.

In 2020 and 2021, our collaboration spoke volumes. We delivered on our promise, catapulting CTG's web design and SEO efforts. The numbers? A jaw-dropping 99.6% increase in search engine traffic. But we didn't stop there—streamlining the user journey led to a 51% spike in goal completions. A testament to the potent blend of UX design and strategic SEO.

The numbers speak
for themselves.

CTG's results 1 year after website launch.

  • +99.6%

  • +51%

  • -22.7%


Bonsai's redesign led to outstanding results for CTG, including increased users, sessions, and page views, along with a significant drop in bounce rates. Our bounce rate is now well below the industry average. Additionally, Bonsai's SEO support resulted in a nearly 30% boost in search engine traffic over the past three years."


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