Why Facebook and Instagram deserve to be in your advertising budget

The number of people on Facebook and Instagram dwarf other social sites. These are massive audiences with discretionary income, spending as much as four hours a day on their phone. Much of that time on social media. And wherever eyeballs gather, advertisers aren’t far behind. 

Social media has become a vital piece of any modern marketing strategy. And should be a part of yours. But it takes more than smarts and creativity. Because it continues to evolve. And it’s far more complex than even a few years ago.







Facebook advertising is still the best cost per “you name it” in digital advertising. Successful campaigns involve running tests (many tests) including targeting and offers, and then customizing your message to an audience ready to take the next step.



Instagram campaigns are controlled through the Facebook Ads Manager. So if we’re doing a Facebook campaign, with a snap of our fingers, we can get you the same advanced targeting. The same massive audiences. The same wonderful return on investment… on IG. 



Facebook ad targeting is based on an algorithm. Between what Facebook knows about users and it’s whip-smart algorithm (made even brainier through machine learning/artificial intelligence) targeting qualified leads has never been more reliable. Terminator reliable.     


Facebook gives us the ability to target audiences based on demographics, behaviors, interests, likes, etc. But we can also target audiences “similar” to people who have already engaged with your business. Officially, they’re called Lookalike audiences. We refer to ‘em as, “click magnets.” 



Facebook advertising can be optimized for clicks, web traffic, awareness, conversions or any number of other objectives. Leveraging text, graphics, images, a carousel of images, video or animation, Facebook campaigns are more flexible than a barrel of Play-Doh. 

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