Designing the right first impression for your brand

As fast as you can snap your fingers, customers form an opinion about your branding. And unless you’re sending the right signals, you could be facing an uphill battle to win them over. Or… you could instantly communicate who you are and what you do, by having a professional team design your logo and identity system.








Remember, having an effective brand design isn’t just how good it looks. It’s how well it works. Someone famous said that. And design inspired by data always converts better. Someone at Bonsai said that.

Crafting a brand from scratch

Sometimes, a brand just needs a refresh. Other times it needs a complete overhaul. But in this case, we designed a logo, a style guide and, really, a complete identity system for a new brand. Check out how we did it. From concept through final deliverables.

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There’s a lot to consider when designing a logo. That’s why we ask a lot of questions at the beginning of the process. How does it look when displayed vertically versus horizontally? Will it read on a coffee cup? A van? Should it pop, scream or blend? Better questions. Better logo.



Think of this document as a user's guide for your overall brand. It explains what the brand sounds like. Formal or conversational? Sexy or informative? It describes how images should be used. Natural or glamorous? It clarifies the intangibles for anyone working on your brand.


A solid style guide provides specific rules around your identity system. It calls out fonts to use. A specific palette of colors. Which are primary. Which are the secondary. Iconography. What to use for flourishes or accents. How to handle trademarks. It’s an absolute must-have for brands.



Conducting a formal brand audit is the first step in identifying the inconsistencies plaguing many brands. Bonsai can do a complete evaluation of your online presence. From websites to social media, your marketing, advertising. If it’s got a logo on it, we've got eyes on it.

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