Guide to Organically Growing your Business's Social Audience

In the past few years, the importance of your business’s social media presence has increased dramatically. However, growing your social audience doesn’t always come as easy for small businesses compared to internationally recognized brands. It may seem as simple as consistent posting, but it can take much more time, effort and strategy than expected. 


Where to start

Do some research on your business peers, including competitors, to get some inspiration. What are they doing best and what could you do better?


Create a content calendar. Look up national holidays that relate to your business and make a simple calendar containing post ideas for the upcoming month/s.


Design branded templates. This also involves taking the time to consider what kind of content will you be posting. If it applies, making some on demand templates for recurring posts will be extremely helpful in making a consistent, aesthetic, and branded look to your feed. 


Now, let's take a look at some helpful articles based on each of the largest platforms for social media marketing.



This Hubspot blog covers everything you need to know about starting an Instagram business account. They go over marketing strategy, analytics, advertising and more.


A common trend among larger tech companies is to use Instagram as a platform for their employee culture and engagement rather than trying to market their products. This can include pictures from events, employee highlights, internal news and achievements. This is a great alternative approach, because people care about people. If a potential buyer sees how inclusive a company’s culture is or how awesome their employees are, it may lead to favoring them over others.

However, if you are going to use Instagram to specifically market your goods or services, there are two important things to consider:

  1. Make your website or products easily accessible, and cultivate the brand aesthetic. Instagram now allows links in the bio section, which is huge! Always make sure to have a link leading to either your website or blog.
  2. Also, people like to know that companies are on trend and up to speed. If they search for your company on instagram and find an account that may or may not be it (because of poor branding) that is a big turn off nowadays. 



This blog covers more technical marketing tools provided by facebook like ads and promotion. But posting content can be made easy by linking your business’s Instagram and Facebook accounts so that when you post it appears on both platforms. 



This article promptly covers the top ten actions you can take to market and grow your following on the most business oriented platform. Much like the other social media environments, it’s all about engagement. 

Linkedin is where most people go to check out companies they are interested in working for, so it’s important you’re putting out a good image. Content should range from company culture, achievements/case studies, and other involvement in your industry.


Go forth and be social

Growing your digital presence to a point where your posts feel like valuable contributors to your social community takes time and patience. It can be a trial and error game in the beginning, but the most important thing is to start! Social media an extremely powerful and free marketing tool.

We hope this article was helpful. If you’re interested in a free consultation about social media marketing for your business, contact us here!

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