Bonsai's new website just dropped!

It’s a beautiful Friday here in Seattle, and that calls for a big announcement from us at Bonsai. We have officially launched our new website. And it’s about damn time.

Nowadays with tools like Wordpress, almost anyone can develop a satisfying website. So it was especially important for us to separate ourselves from the rest of the masses of digital marketing agencies. It’s not just about telling people why we are different, but showing it. With that said, here’s what we’re most excited about:

The Homepage Experience

The promise of digital communications has always been a more interactive and engaging customer experience. Interactive web pages have many advantages over static “marketing brochure websites” in that they can bring the story you're trying to tell to life.

Using GreenSock combined with the world’s friendliest CMS, Umbraco, we created an interactive homepage that allows users to scroll down and fully experience Bonsai, what we stand for, our methodology, and how we get results.

The aim of this new framework is to create more immersive customer experiences, allowing them to easily communicate, while also being performant and mobile-friendly.

Newly Featured Work

Wondering what we’ve been up to lately? Our new site features a bunch of recent projects you should check out. From website builds to optimizing conversion flows and bringing new life to outdated brands, it’s all there.

We’ve also been busy helping clients tell their story and engage their audience with video. From scripting and shooting to editing and graphics, we’re doing it all, and you can finally view it here.

Fresh Look & Feel

With all of this, Bonsai now has a refreshed online presence that we can’t wait to share. The creation of our new website forced us to revisit details such as color palette, brand voice, and page layouts. Look good, feel good, am I right?

It won't stop there, either. Keep an eye out for new developments and featured work in the near future. Having relocated to a new space and launching a new website, we are excited for what lies ahead.

We love our new website but we're especially interested in what you think! Drop us a line and let us know.

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