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Working at Bonsai Media Group!

What’s it like to work at one of the foremost digital marketing agencies in Seattle? Allow us to give you a first-hand glimpse. Check out this video that the Bonsai team put together covering everything about working at Bonsai Media Group!

We believe that by emphasizing teamwork and creativity we make Bonsai the ideal workplace, and that really comes down to three things:


Nobody wants to come into work dreading the day. That’s why we believe in fostering passion among our team. The old adage goes,Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” At Bonsai, we aim to craft work experiences that our team can be passionate about.


Creativity permeates everything we do here at Bonsai Media Group, and no matter what your role may be, to be successful here requires the ability to think creatively on one's toes at all times.


Teamwork is a must at Bonsai! We are a relatively small company, so that means every voice has the capacity to make an impact in a major way. Everyone at the company has a different specialty and we all work best when we feed off of each others knowledge and expertise.

At Bonsai Media Group, we operate with five core values which embody our work across all our various disciplines:

# Do Dope Shit

Whatever it is we’re working on at Bonsai, we try and inject a bit of flair to make it the best possible product.

# Better Together

Every member of the team here at Bonsai brings something unique to the table, and that diversity of talent is what sets Bonsa apart from other digital advertising agencies.

# We Take Pride

From launching a massive website to updating on-page elements, to managing your social media presence, we take pride in each and everything we work on,

# We Deliver

We deliver results and we always meet or exceed the expectations. At Bonsai, we do what we say we’re going to do, plain and simple.

# Grow or Die

We encourage a culture of growth and opportunity here at Bonsai. At all levels, we’re constantly learning and improving upon existing process to continually improve.

So, what do you say? Interested in joining the team at Bonsai Media Group? We've always got our eyes peeled for talented folks across a wide range of skillsets.

If you think you'd make a welcome addition to Bonsai Media Group get in touch with us today!