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Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Internet Marketing/SEO

Chrome is my browser of choice. I have nothing against the others. In fact, I still use them quite a bit - as an internet marketer, I often need to have three different browsers open simultaneously. But I choose to use Chrome for the vast majority of my work. Chrome offers many extensions that help me to accomplish a variety of tasks with increased efficiency. Whilst there are many Chrome extensions that are extremely useful for internet marketing and SEO, I personally find these five to be the most useful. Here's why:


Scraper makes it extremely easy to pull large sets of data from a website. This includes Google search results as well as any list of links. Scraper allows you to pull the data and then export it into a Google spreadsheet for easy use. I find myself using Scraper all the time - it saves me hours of work on a daily basis.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is great because it allows you to screenshot an entire web page. This means that you don't have to screenshot, scroll and then screenshot again. It removes those steps for you, and leaves you with one big, beautiful screenshot. It also gives you the option of screenshotting either the visible area or a selected area, which can be useful in many situations.

Another great feature is that it allows you to edit these screenshots after you've taken them, with a small toolset which enables you to draw, scribble, add shapes or text. So now you can not only screenshot a full web page, but also make notes and highlight certain areas. This can be really useful when you need to add your own explanations to help your colleagues or clients see or understand something on the page. When your edits are complete, you have several choices - you can upload the screenshot directly to Google Drive or Diigo, download it, print it, or copy the screenshot to the clipboard.


Mozbar is a great tool for almost everything SEO. It shows you an overlay on search results, displaying link metrics from OpenSiteExplorer under each result. This makes it very easy to  compare any site to its competitors. It also drops down over a page and will show you important SEO information about the page. This includes the title tag and meta descriptions, as well as offering link metrics and other site information. This is a really helpful tool - it can save you a lot of time that you might otherwise spend moving around through code, OpenSiteExplorer and other tools.

Check my links

Check my links is a great extension for SEO, because it helps you to find broken links on any given site. When you navigate to a page and click the extension, it will begin to scan the page for broken links. It will highlight working links in green and broken links in red. Red links will also show you an error code indicating what's wrong with the link. In most cases, it's merely a 404 error, meaning that it's linking to a nonexistent URL. It's quick, easy and visually stimulating, which is why I choose to use it.

Redirect Path

Redirect path is an interesting extension. It allows you to better understand how you are being redirected on the web. If you click on a link or type in a url, which then redirects you to another page, the redirect path button will light up. It will let you know the type of redirect that was used, and which pages you were redirected through to get to your current page. This really helps you to understand where redirects are being used, and how you ended up at a page that you did not intend to land on.