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The Zune could be the coolest mobile device but...

The Zune, Microsofts mp3 player could be one of the coolest mobile devices. The Zune pass, Touch Screen, HD!, Marketplace, Playlists, Channels, sleek/intuitive user interface and Social aspect make it the best mp3 player. Being the best mp3 player is cool... but mp3 players are so 2003If the Zune wants a seat at the mobile device table, it needs to become a truly mobile device; a phone, like the iPhone. I have an iPhone and have for over a year now. I love it. It's the most revelutionary mobile device ever created. The applications assist users in many every day tasks.

In addition, for some reason, that only Microsoft knows, the Zune does not play well with Macs. Microsoft needs to figure out a way to make the Zune compatible with Macs, it's the only way they will have a chance to A) penetrate and capatilize on the opportunity and B) potentially bring past customers back to the PC side.


I wonder and hope Microsoft is working on developing a Zune phone. The opportunity they have has a ticking clock and the time may run out on their opportunity. Apple, Google, Samsung, Nokia, and the cornicopia (My buddy Rhode used cornicopia in every college paper, that one's for you Rhode) of other mobile device manufacturers. We shall see.

I'm signing off, out to San Diego in the morning and then up to Los Angeles for the week.

Jason LaBaw
Bonsai Media Group