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Sound Insurance RANKED #1 for Seattle Auto Insurance and Wa Auto Insurance

Sound Insurance is ranked #1 for Seattle Auto Insurance AND Wa Auto Insurance

No April Fools joke here, Google "Seattle Auto Insurance" for yourself!

Everyone is buzzing around the office as another Bonsai Client is now top ranked in the map for their industries most competitive terms. Sound Insurance is now ranked #1 for Seattle Auto Insurance AND Wa Auto Insurance. The two most competitive terms in the Seattle and Washington markets.

So what does that all mean? According to an industry study the #1 Ranked site receives 42% of the clicks for a given keyword. The image below is a screenshot from Google Keyword Tool:

As you can see there are 5400 people searching "wa auto insurance" and 3600 searching for "seattle auto insurance" for a total of 10,000 searches (Note: Google normalizes there data so it's not exact but gives us a good idea of how many people are searchging for each term).That means Sound Insurance can expect to see 4200 additional visitors to their site from just those two keywords.

Also, notice people are paying $37.89 on average per click for seattle auto insurance. That means if Sound Insurance had to pay for the "organic" traffic they're recieving they would have to pay $57,289.68! Just for one month! If they also had to pay for the wa auto insurance traffic they'd pay an additional $53,479.44. That means they're saving $110,769.12 every month by employing Bonsai Media Group to manage the Search Engine Optimization. We're here to serve our clients. Do you want to enjoy these kind of rankings? Do you want to drive new business? Seriously, do you? Call us! We're dedicated to results. We're inexpensive. Now is the time to do it, before the ship sales, it's more competitive and we're more expensive :)

To all you working warriors, my hats off. I'm signing out. And getting back to acheiving rankings.