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So your mom is on Facebook...

One day, after class, you log on to Facebook to check out the photographic evidence of the beer-fueled music/love fest that was Dave Matthew's concert at the Gorge over the weekend. Your buddy told you that the pictures he posted from the shindig were priceless, and naturally you had to see for yourself the first chance you got. Then, just as you've finishing typing in the name of your first dog for your Facebook password - there it is: a new friend request. Woo hoo, you think, this is the cute girl I met at the concert and she wants to connect! She was SO hot…  


Only after opening the friend request do you find it to be from Mrs. Lady-Who-Changed-Your-Diapers-and-Packed-Your-Lunches-Everyday-With-Carrot-Sticks-Lady. In other words, your mom.


Now what? Do you ignore her request at the risk of an uncomfortably long silence at Sunday's family dinner while your mother wallows in the assumption that you don't love her anymore, or do you accept the friend request at the risk of being disowned for the discovery of the debaucherous lifestyle you lead outside the watchful eye of dear ol' mom and dad? Rock and a hard place, my friend, rock and a hard place.

Mom says that she's only on Facebook to reconnect with her old friends from her college and high school days. I call shenanigans. The ONLY reason your mom is on Facebook is to make sure her "perfect little prince/princess" is behaving as such. What about all of your mom's college and high school friends listed in her profile? They are doing the exact same thing with their kids. Guaranteed.

More and more people are logging on to Facebook each day. In fact, the user base on this once-selective social media site now tallies over 300 million people. That's nearly the entire population of the US. One day soon your mom is going to be one of them. What to do? I suggest that you ignore the request and explain to your mother dearest that like in a real-life social setting, you like to enjoy time and space with your friends alone. Even in the virtual setting of Facebook. If that doesn't work, tell her that you don't really use Facebook anyway since you are so busy studying for midterms. That'll work just fine, I promise. Now go crack open a beer and enjoy the thousands of less-than-angelic moments you have electronically documented with your friends on Facebook. Cheers, buddy!


Peas and Carrots,

SEO Grasshopper