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Mr Rooter Seattle Website Up and Running

  • To the left, you can see a lovely screenshot of the newly completed Mr Rooter Seattle website. It is built with umbraco, a wonderful cms that gives developers nearly complete control of how entered information is displayed. There are also a few scripts to that give it that extra sparkle. It uses custom scripts built off of jQuery for the coupon slider and form validation. It also uses the typekit and html5shim scripts. Typekit is great because it allows that extra special font to work without images, while the html5shim prevents ie from exploding when it sees the new html5 tags. Hurray for progress!

    If you are interested in seeing this page, you can follow this link and in a few months you will be able to find it on the front page of a google search of "seattle plumber." If you are interested in our help, you can find our main website at