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LinkedIn Profile Picture dimension and size

LinkedIn Profile Picture Dimension and Size

No matter the social media platform, your profile picture is the most prominent and viewed item on your profile. So how can you make the most of that picture?  Today I want to talk about Linked in specifically. Linked in has very strict guidelines for picutres. Your image must be no larger than 80 pixels by 80 pixels. With such a small, thumbnail of an image it's tough to get a lot of use out this image.  Here's what I recommend, Have your picutre, followed by a favicon size image of your logo and if you can squeeze in the one or two words that best describe your line of business on top of the image, you'll maximize the effectiveness of your profile picture. You want people who view your profile to associate your line of business with you. So that when they think of you, or think of you industry they immediately associate you and your company as a or hopefully THE #1 resource. That's all for today, tomorrow I'll be discussing facebook images and how you can maximize their effectiveness