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If you don't have at least 500 friends on facebook don't apply for this job!

This is a headline that we're not too far from seeing, and right now the next question your employer will ask, and should ask is how many friends do you have on facebook?  Companies are turning to facebook to develop their brands and building social networks, and yes you can advertise on facebook to build your fan base but you need to build an organic network first.  Your employees are the best place to start.  If your employees aren't conscious of their own brand they should be.  Google them…see what comes up.  Check their facebooks.  Their brand is a direct extension of your company.  Don't be scared….Be excited.  You can leverage your employee's personal brand to grow your social network  The nature of social networking is making friends.  One thing that never changes in business is people enjoy working with people they like, and people like their friends.  Your fans of your page will most likely recommend your business to their friends when they need your services…so you better make sure your employers are friends of your company that you WANT to have, and even better you'd hope that they have a lot of friends, because your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors you have…If they don't love you find someone who does.  For those folks who are looking for jobs this might be the difference between winning or losing the position you want.