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Google vs Facebook: Converting Visitors

Google Vs. Facebook: Converting Visitors

Which is more valuable? a Facebook vistor or Google Visitor?

Accourind to a Chitika study of 70 million  impressions, " Google does a "much better job" at driving traffic and making sure it converts."

While Google Adwords (PPC) Click Through Rates can be roughly 2% compared to .3% for contextual advertising (ie facebook), Search cannot drive the number of impressions contextual advertising can. Therefore if your goal is brand awareness related you may consider focusing more on Facebook. If you're focus is on Clicks and Conversions you may want to focus on Search. Remember Adwords or PPC advertising CTR's are typically 2% the #1 organic ranked site can get CTR's of up to 42%! PPC = good, organic SEO = Better! when it comes to clicks, visitors and conversions.

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