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Google Launches Internet Stats Site

So Google quietly launched a cool new feature called 'Internet Stats' today.  It's still pretty raw, but, much like a Twitter feed it pulls snippets of data relating to Marketing, Technology, Consumer Trends, Media Consumption and Macroeconomic Trends from across the web and compiles them in one place for users to follow.

Check it out here:  Google Internet Stats


The Shape of Things to Come?

Is this the start of Google's attack on Twitter for up-to-the-second news feeds?  It would appear so.  Although instead of gathering their 'Googs' from users, a la Twitter; they are generated from respected news outlets like The Economist, The Financial Times, Business Week, and Forbes.  Much like Tweets, these posts are limited to a few sentences that sum up the findings.

For Example:         On the phenomenon of "continuous partial attention": over 25% of Internet users surveyed in the UK, FR, DE, IT, US, and Japan in October 2008 said they go onto the Internet at the same time as watching TV "most of the time".      Ofcom, November 2008

You're so wise Google. You're like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.