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Get Your Enterprise Noticed With These 7 SEO Tips

There are plenty of marketing strategies, networking opportunities, and development platforms that only corporations with bloated budgets can pursue, but search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t one of them. The trick is to put your strengths to work. Try these seven best SEO services tips:

1. Know Thyself

You’re a small or medium business (SMB) owner, and that means you’re working with limited resources. But that isn’t a bad thing; focus on what you provide and what your specializations are. Once you have this niche nailed down, highlight how your services are unique.

2. Think Local SEO

While we’re on the subject of what makes you special, think local. Consumers spend 80% of their disposable income on nearby businesses. Your SMB status can certainly be an advantage when it comes to SEO services.

In Seattle, here are a few more specific ways to do this:

3. Create a local Google+ page

Search engines like a social media presence, but Google is a bit biased. Whether a shopper is looking for a quick cup of coffee or handmade furniture, your Google+ page and website should include local contact information.

4. Next, get your business on other Local Places pages

Google is a fantastic start, but sites such as Yahoo and Bing also have business listings. Keeping your information up to date can attract customers and increase your search engine rank.

5. Verify your info

Imagine generating a new lead who is so blown away by your website and services that he or she immediately leaves to patronize your business. Now image you lose that sale because your address isn’t listed correctly. Check your info, and if something changes, make sure it’s reflected on every website and listing that mentions your shop.

6. Personalize Your Online Persona

In a world inundated with ads, transparency slices through the marketplace. Fortunately, this is often impossible for large corporations. But your SMB SEO services strategy can put it to work. When you set up social media accounts, make them personal. Consumers will be drawn to your sincerity, and if they meet you in person, it builds a sense of community and customer loyalty.

7. Start Today

Reading these SEO tips is a good start, but the most important thing is always to move forward. Your competitors certainly are. If you notice something you’ve missed, begin there, and, just like that, you’re on the path to growing your business.

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