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Don't Get Caught on Facebook...

Or MySpace, or Twitter, or any other social media networking site for that matter. Let me clarify, I do not mean to say "don't get caught USING Facebook", I mean "don't get caught BECAUSE of Facebook". Let me show you. This guy has to be the ultimate example what I mean to be caught on Facebook. What an idiot. This isn't a how-to for aspiring criminals, however; it's more about the broader idea of controlling what you share with the world via internet communication.

Email communication has been around long enough for us to learn some of the ropes of avoiding potentially compromising situations. For example, we remember to click "Reply" rather than "Reply to All". "BCC" (blind carbon copy) also has plenty of useful applications. However, social media is a relatively new phenomenon to the masses and it requires a whole different level of vigilance to avoid a damaging faux pas.

So many parties can learn a lot about you by the content they find on the web - whether you want them to or not. Check this out: some schools will check your Facebook page for character references PRIOR to admitting you. Potential employers are following suit. They are taking into account your resume, your references, and your Facebook page before calling you with an offer.

Or not.

While missing out on the school or job of your dreams is massively unfortunate, some content posted on Facebook can be downright embarrassing or provide your friends fodder for years upon years of teasing. Whether you are an individual or a business, your presence on the web is something that you constantly need to be aware of…

Next time you post something on Facebook. Think to yourself if you're comfortable with the same information on the front page of the NYTimes or Chances are that you'll rethink pressing that "Share" button.

Peas and Carrots,

SEO Grasshopper mvrwhtydac