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Cyberstreams Launched

Last night we successfully launched the new Cyberstreams website. While the look does not differ very much from the old version, many of the image based backgrounds were replaced with css3 solutions, which improved page load times. It also has a shiny new umbraco based backend, allowing Cyberstreams to make changes to their content without having to give us a ring.

We did encounter an unusual issue during the transfer though. We were getting an internal server error on the blog page that hadn't been there on the developer version of the site. After a half hour or so of fiddling around, we discovered that the issue was caused by a web app used for their old blog. This was confusing the web server, since both the app and the new page used the same url. It didn't know which one to serve up. Fortunately, deleting the web app took care of the issue.