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Citysearch Ranking Factors for 2013

Citysearch Ranking Factors & Optimization Tips

After reading this post you will have the information to rank higher in Citysearch results. Before jumping into the meat and potatoes of ranking higher in Citysearch let's go over a brief history of the company. Citysearch was founded in 1995 and is owned and operated by CityGrid Media. In addition to CitySearch, CityGrid Media also runs Insider Pages and Urbanspoon.

Now to what you really want to know, how to get your business found by potential customers looking on Citysearch. Being at the top of a search result will drive leads to your business and increase your brand awareness. We've compiled a list of the top factors in optimizing your Citysearch profile page.

Below are the key ranking factors for Citysearch:

Profile completeness

Profiles on any local business listing site should always be filled out as completely as possible. Add as many pictures as possible, include contact information and provide a great description of your business.

Having a Verified Profile 

Citysearch Unlock This Page Image

Verifying your profile on Citysearch is free and provides extra credibility and trust. Wherever possible you should verify your online business listings.

Being Listed in the Most Relevant Categories

Always be sure to list the most important categories first. These can be found using Google's Keyword Tool evaluating search volume, competition, and expected profit on the service/product. 

VotesCitysearch Votes Image

Much like Facebook's "likes", Citysearch has incorporated "votes" into their ranking factors. Votes take less time to do than reviews and are an easy way to see which businesses are well liked.

Tips on Citysearch

Tips are Citysearch's variation of reviews. We provide our clients with a free review solicitation email template to use when following up with their clients.

Reviews from Judy's Book & Insider Pages

Citysearch Around The Web ImageCitysearch partners with other review sites including Judy's Book and Insider Pages to provide additional reviews from around the web.

User Uploaded Photos

Citysearch allows users to upload photos. You can either upload pictures yourself or better yet, encourage your customers

If you focus on all of these factors, your rankings will increase in Citysearch and your web presence will be strengthened. Now go out and get your Citysearch optimization up to par! Have other great tips? Share them in the comments below.