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Chrome Extensions for Developers

Chrome is my browser of choice. Even though Firefox may have a slightly better rendering engine, it is WAY too resource-heavy and when switching through multiple tabs, waiting 15 to 20 seconds for tabs to load is too long. Chrome and light and quick, something we as web developers love. By default, Chrome has a "developer tool" so I can inspect markup and check styles. This allows me to quickly troubleshoot problems or prototype quickly. There is also a Firebug Lite that ports over the Firebug Web Developer tool from Firefox.

The follow are additional Chrome add-ons/extensions that can be useful for developers:

  • -Colorzilla -- provides an "eye-dropper" so you can grab the hex code of any color on a web page
  • -Screen capture -- provides a richer experience than the standard Snipping Tool on Windows machines -with the ability to add text, highlight or censor areas, or draw lines
  • -Measure it -- can draw boxes on a web page in order to find the dimensions of the area
  • -Umbraco -- allows me analyze webpages served by Umbraco to see if there are any errors thrown or hang-ups in macros

The only other extension I'd recommend but isn't specifically for developers is Boomerang. It's an extension for Gmail but it reminds you follow-up on a message if you don't receive a response, but it also allows emails to be sent at a specific date and time in the future.