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Bonsai Named a Top Web Designer on!

The bonsai tree is the pinnacle of human design. By controlling nature, people have managed to shape the growth of a plant to make it appropriate in any setting. This is the type of experience that we seek to design when we create - perfect for anyone, anywhere.

Here at Bonsai Media, we pride ourselves on the ability to grow your business online through our vast array of web services, such as digital marketing and web design. Our design expertise is displayed on visual portfolio platforms like Visual Objects as an example of best practices and creative, eye-catching designs. Because we’ve provided such excellent results for our clients in the past it’s only natural that they would leave us some great reviews.

Fortunately, Clutch was there to collect them so we could stick to helping you grow. Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform for business-to-business firms like us, ranging from digital marketing agencies and PR firms to web designers and app developers. Their business analysts conduct in-depth, verified reviews with clients to ensure that they only rank the best firms on their site.

We are happy to say that we were recently announced as a top web designer in Seattle by the Clutch team! We help maintain the efficacy of the industry by getting to know each client we work with, and as a result, we were also named one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Seattle by Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest. Every time we get news like this a little cheer goes through the office, except for our Chief Morale officer, who wags his tail!

We absolutely love our reviews because they do such a great job getting the word out about what we do, so we figured we’d leave a couple for you to see:

“We achieved all our goals. The firm is in the top one to three of different areas that we’ve optimized our rankings around.”

  • CIO, National Environmental Services Firm

“Not only did they help us develop our brand and our messaging, but their SEO work has also helped us become more visible on a national scale.”

  • CIO, Primeline Utility Services

These amazing reviews help us take stock of what we have accomplished in the industry. Currently, the US is projected to reach 120 billion dollars in digital marketing spending by 2021, according to Forbes. We want to make sure that that money does not go to waste. Your website is your business and the pride we take in our work shows when our clients grow. If we’ve helped you achieve something let us know on our Clutch profile.