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Bonsai Launches Project Bionic Website

Last week we launched the website for Project Bionic, a social media management company. We've partnered up to help them with their clients by developing custom Facebook landing pages. They needed a website and the ability to change content and images at a whim, so immediately we thought "Umbraco!" Ever since getting certified a few months ago, every proposal we've submitted has Umbraco in mind -- it is our default and preferred platform. All of our current web development projects are Umbraco-based. Stayed tuned for those updates and launches. You could say we're Umbraco-crazy =D I digress though...

We managed to integrate Facebook and Twitter to Project Bionic's website and brand it appropriately. Though Twitter allows customization of the colors of their feed, we took it one step further. Thus, we don't have the standard Twitter and FB format, but we kept Project Bionic's retro, 50's, Area-51-ish theme. I must admit things weren't as perfect as I wouldn't liked, so we already have a list of version 2 changes =D Anyway, screenshots below:

What do you guys think? Appreciate any comments. Thanks everyone and have a great evening!