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Another website in the can!

Hello all

Ever since we got certified back in June, we've only been developing sites in Umbraco. This is news of another one! Lo and behold, Kelley Ross! Thanks to our awesome design team for flexing their creative brains in making an amazing design.

Part of the power of Umbraco is that multiple websites can be managed through one backend, so we developed Kelley Ross' two other sites.

I had an idea to also include a screenshot of the Umbraco backend so you guys can get a look

So as we've mentioned, any non-technical person can go in and change the content of their website.

Anyway, we've been pretty busy around here. The rebrand party where we unveil our new website is next week. Plus we're starting to build our reputation and getting to work with bigger and bigger companies. Kelley Ross had been our largest contract at the time of signing, but we recently signed some other big names. Again, stay tuned because Bonsai is definitely going places, and that place is up! Have a great rest of the weekend!