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Who is Bonsai Media Group?

Bonsai Media Group is a clan of designers, developers, and marketers based in Seattle, WA.

From start to finish, we handle every aspect of cultivating a profitable online presence for our clients. Everything from designing and developing an eye-catching, results-driven website, to implementing precise and effective marketing strategies for SEO, Online Advertising, Content Creation & Promotion, E-commerce and beyond. 


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Our Story 

Established in 2009, Bonsai Media Group was co-founded by Jason LaBaw and Elliott Omlin to address the problem they perceived within the world of business to business online marketing. As they see it, too many companies waste time and money by relying on multiple, disjointed teams. With this approach, you run the risk of miscommunication, redundancy, and ultimately, a lackluster presence online. 

That’s why, at Bonsai, we do it all, in one Dojo. Don’t worry about integrating all the separate pieces of your online presence. We do all the heavy lifting to provide you with online marketing strategies that seamlessly integrate with your existing platforms. Or, if you’re new to the online world, we can start from the ground up and provide you the fundamental tools you need to grow your business online.

No matter what level of service you’re interested in, at Bonsai we implement strategies that:

  • Drive Results

  • Speak to your Target Market

  • Allow your customers to interact with you with ease

  • Set you apart


If we could sum it all up in 1 minute and 39 seconds, it would look like this!

  • service

    Our Team

  • /media/1313/_0005_jason_slide.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=130913319270000000

    Jason LaBaw

    11 years of experience. Certified Web Developer. Google Adwords & Analytics Certified. Jason is a recognized leader in online innovations
  • /media/1521/23-lacie-edgeman.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131649463320000000

    Lacie Edgeman

    With 12+ years experience in finance and operations, I have worked with Fortune 500 brands, smaller boutique clients, and non profit organizations. I enjoy giving back to the community through my various memberships and board work.
  • /media/1525/karliechurch.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131650350850000000

    Karlie Church

    Project Manager with 5+ years experience working with executives and clients globally to drive success of technical and creative projects.
  • /media/1465/maria2016.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131298436310000000

    Maria Padilla

    Creative Director. Enjoys warm tea, walking and reading.
  • /media/1040/jesse_andrews.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=130846470170000000

    Jesse Andrews

    I dabble in a bit of everything, though I'm usually called on to develop the back ends of websites.
  • /media/1391/5.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131030308100000000

    Von Villafuerte

    After 15 years, I'm still doing one of the things that I love most, coding, creating solutions that make an impact.
  • /media/1407/robert.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131172279590000000

    Robert Hoyt

    I graduated from UW in 2013 where I studied English Lit. When I'm not cranking out content for Bonsai, I spend my time playing and listening to music, hiking and hanging out with friends.
  • /media/1491/seanhensen.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131542080570000000

    Sean Hensen

    Sales Rep and Internet Marketing Specialist. UW grad, amateur musician, and movie buff. I help connect us with potential partners and assist with strategy and implementation of digital marketing services.
  • /media/1522/tiff-bonsai.jpeg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131649467670000000

    Tiffany Kosa

    I like to call myself a "Full-Stack Designer". I get-pumped about projects that marry both user-experience and the larger brand or marketing strategy all-in-one.
  • /media/1575/brandonclark.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131752958800000000

    Brandon Clark

    SEO/SEM Specialist. Outdoor enthusiast, amateur coder, and traveler. I help with strategy and implementation of digital marketing services here at Bonsai.
  • /media/1402/10557323_10205182301971457_4844459170808608133_n.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131153503180000000

    Martin Tantri

    I'm the Graphic Design Ninja. I design print, digital, website, and apps. I love dogs so much, and I will steal Finn one day ;P
  • /media/1523/erica-banaski-profile-pic.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131650342090000000

    Erica Banaski

    Infusionsoft and Sales. Creative thinker, aspiring writer, and animal lover. Consumes too much coffee and chocolate.
  • /media/1406/hussain.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131172266430000000

    Hussain Mehmood

    Hussain has been involved with google analytics for over 7 years and has seen it evolve into becoming a fully featured business analytics tool shaped for the needs of modern marketing!
  • /media/1514/victor.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131584504830000000

    Victor Terekhovskyi

    Passionate digital marketing specialist. Google Analytics and Google Adwords certified expert with 4+ years of successful experience in SEO/SMM/PPC activities.
  • /media/1515/gaurav-bali.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131602806680000000

    Gaurav Bali

    Actively collaborate with marketing team to assist and deploy Digital Marketing initiatives. Responsible for SEO Research and Support to ensure a successful online marketing presence.
  • /media/1516/milda.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131605101740000000

    Milda Gaigal

    A happy part of the Marketing team, responsible for Quality Assurance and doing that while traveling the world!
  • /media/1517/ali-seo-specialist.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=131605104360000000


    Working as an all-rounder for marketing, development and designing jobs since 2009. For Bonsai I am providing SEO Support to obtain a high-ranking placement in the search engines.
  • /media/1317/_0002_finn_slide.jpg?anchor=center&mode=crop&width=241&height=241&rnd=130915734860000000

    Finn Dogg

    Finn Dogg is the CMO (Chief Moral Officer) when he's not being our official greeter!

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