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What the Hell does Derek Johnson know?

Turns out he knows a whole lot.  Derek is the CEO of Tatango who specialize in bulk SMS and also the CEO of Derek Media which is a Social Media Consultation company.  He graciously stopped by our office while he was in Seattle after meeting with Microsoft.  It was the first time I've met Derek and it was a pleasure.  He offered a wealth of knowledge to us and a lot of support for what we're doing here at Bonsai.  Derek knows first hand the hustle and grind involved in starting your own business.  Over the past 3 weeks I've met with marketing directors and CEO's of several large companies to help get insight on how we can be more successful.

One of the overlapping aspects that we've heard from all of them is keeping focused on your core specialty.

Our core specialty is Creative SEO development and implementation, as well as SEO based web development.

Derek reaffirmed what we've been hearing from other successfull business owners.

Lesson learned:  Be focused on your core skills + market accordingling + stake your claim as experts in your niche + nurture those relationships = Success

>More soon....

Gus Zadra

President Bonsai Media Group

Creative Seattle SEO Marketing