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Belated thanks and another website

Hello everyone!

First off, hope you had a fantastic holiday and start to the new year. Also, a HUUUGE thanks to everyone that made it out to our party on December 16th -- it was such a blast! We hope you had fun as well. To those that couldn't make it: you really missed out, but you were there in spirit. Thank you all for the love and support you've given us. Bonsai wouldn't be where we are today without it. We're hoping for even bigger and better prospects, clients, contracts, and consequently, parties in 2012 =D

Does it ever seem like I'm the only that posts in here, by the way? I guess we're the only department at BMG to do anything noteworthy... Or maybe I just like tooting our own horn. Regardless, another site has been designed by our awesome Creative team and developed in Umbraco by the development team. 

We've worked with Seattle Nutritionist Michelle Babb for a while on SEO, but to really push her rankings and conversions to the next level, she had to get a new website. Below is a screencap of the before- and after-shot of her website.


We modernized the look and feel of the website with more color and interactivity. Plus, with the website in the Umbraco, Michelle can update the content at will. This website should last her for the next three to five years. So, if you are looking to upgrade the design of your website OR want to convert it into a content management system, contact us or give us a call -- we'd be happy to help in any way. If we can't meet your needs, there are lots of people in our network we know and trust that can help. Thanks and to a great 2012!